Process Survey

Prevention is better than cure. Our team of technical field engineers are trained to conduct a thorough process survey to make sure that your  cleaning production yields the best result in terms of quality and productivity. We will check and verify operating parameters to avoid possible cleaning issues, at the same time perform on-site process audit of your chemical usage, rinse water quality, and over-all machine health. Schedule a Process Survey with us now!

Technical Service

We understand the need to resolve a cleaning-issue quickly. Your product quality and productivity is important to us. Our technical team is at your service round the clock. Contact your dedicated Account Manager and we will be at your service in no time. For any change in process - may it be change in substrate, machine, or parameters - we will assist you from installation, commissioning, start-up, process optimization, chemical management, and trouble-shooting.

Chemical Management

Our goal is to make your life simple. Let us manage your chemicals for you. We help improve your costs with Bath Life Analysis so we can extend the use of your chemicals. We have an in-house chemical usage tracking system that automatically sends you a reminder on when to re-order so you never run out of chemicals and keep your process running smoothly. Less worry, less cost, and increased productivity. That is our commitment to you.

CAS Registry

Here is a quick way to check for the CAS number and its chemical name counterpart (or the other way around). Don't forget to include the '-' of the CAS number.

Looking for Chemicals?

We know how difficult it can be to look for alternative chemicals that are high quality and produced by a reliable manufacturing company. We have vast network of chemical manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea, China, US, and many other countries. Let us help acquire them for you in a cost-effective manner. Inquire with us now.